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* The (Un)Posing E-BOOK *

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(Un)Posing is a PopUp-MultiMedia-Performance-Experiment.
Posing, derived from the English "to pose" (= posing), is a term from the advertising and fashion world, which describes the posturing for photos, advertising shoots, events or the like. At its core, this is a strategic or compositionally directed display.
But is there a counter-proposal for this? Can a human actually not pose?
Out of this question, the notion of (Un)Posing appeared, which also works with the background of a media-critical discourse on my performative work.

(Un) Posing poses the question of watching & being watched.
(Un) Posing eliminates the clear separation between viewer and performer.
(Un) Posing creates a shared experiential space.
(Un) Posing questions and explores visually --> New Order takes place.
(Un) Posing works with people, about people, for people.
(Un) Posing is an ontological experiment

Format: Each (Un)Posing is a one-take film that lasts 15 minutes and has a central-perspectiv-focus.

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Trailer (Un)Posing Films:

KarinsMedia Production * Konzeption/Regie/u.a.
Performances by Karin Schedlbauer

Trailer (Un)Posing Exhibitions:

KarinsMedia Production * Konzeption/Regie/u.a.
Performances by Karin Schedlbauer

Performances by * http://www.Karin-Schedlbauer.de *

Artist * http://www.Karin-Schedlbauer.de * Biography:

My name is Karin Schedlbauer.
I am a media and performance artist as well as a trained actress, dancer and artist.

Currently, I live and work internationally with residents in Munich and Vienna.

From March 2017 to March 2019 I held a scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Prof. Carola Dertnig in the department of performative arts.

During that time I worked on the continuation of my (Un)Posing Project and started the international production of serial live and video performances.

I also wrote the (Un)Posing Book about this multi-disciplinary working methodology.

In February 2017, I received my classic diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (Class Stephan Huber) with a focus on film-, media- and performance art.

During my studies, I have greatly expanded my spectrum of multimedia, image, design, social media, physical and performance parameters. In addition, I have acquired a broad expertise working cross media.

In addition to my own artistic work and studies, since 2014 I have been a member of the Ensemble of the State Opera in Munich, for which I have worked in many different productions, such as the. Karl V (La Fura dels Baus) and can still be seen on stage at the Bavarian State Opera Munich.

In 2012, I completed my Paritätische Bühnenreife Acting in Vienna.

Furthermore I am a Talmi-Method-Instructor, have initiations in Reiki Level 1, Chakra-Ballancing and received my TM-meditation inauguration in 2016 from Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer.

Before my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, I first studied theater, movement theater, dance and acrobatics in Germany (Neue Münchner Schauspielschule, Etage Berlin, Helmut Becker, Mario Anderson, etc.), in Spain (Flöz family) and at the Ècole de Cirque Canada.

As a prelude to my own artistic development, in 2005 I had already made my first own experimental short films.

This creative journey makes me a wide-ranging, as well as in all sections very well-trained, multi-disciplinary working all-rounder with broad practical and specialist knowledge.

Exhibitions/Videowork (Selection):
(http://www.Karin-Schedlbauer.de/Karinio * Login: Karinio)

2019 „Human-Body-Water-Fountain“ * Mdbk Leipzig *
          Concept on Paper  * Yoko Ono. Water Event. Peace is Power.
2019 „(Un)Posing_1-3 RG Vienna“ * Rundgang Akbild.at Vienna *
          Material: Human body + Tablet-PC in public space
          = Multimedia-Performance-Art *
          Performance by Karin Schedlbauer Artist: KarinsMedia
2018 "(Un)Posing_Me" * ISFF Filmfestival Detmold *
          8x Projection of video performances
          + 4 days Longdurational-Live-Performance)
2018 „(Un)Posing_Licence – Meet Me in Public“ * LoftImTal Muc *
          Soloexhibition 7x Projection video performances
          + 5h Longdurational-Live-Performance *
2018 „(Un)Posing_Open Office“ * Rundgang 2018 * Akbild.at Vienna *
          Artist Q&A Performance Multimedia-Performance-Experiment *
2017 „(Un)Posing_Hotel-Psycho“ * GrandeTourTours * Akbild.at Vienna *
          Video-Performance-Installation in Bus
2017 „(Un)Posing_Busstop“ * GrandeTourTours 325 Jahre * Akbild.at Vienna *
          Video-Performance * Conception Video/Video/Performance/Edit
2017 „(Un)Posing“ * Diploma (classic) Adbk.de *
          Video-Live-Performance / YT * Conception/Performance/Video/Edit
2016 „Infinite Love“ * Jahresausstellung AdbK.de *
2016 „Marlene 2016“ * Homage to Marlene Dietrich *        
2015 „Infinite“ * Video-Art-Performance * Conception/Performance/Video/Edit
2014 „Homage“ * Video-Art-Performance * Conception/Performance/Video/Edit
2014 „End*Less“ * Video-Art-Performance *
2014 „e(u)daemonic“ * Videoinstallation * Jahresausstellung AdbK.de
          („In the white room with black curtains“
          - Gruppenausstellung Klasse Huber)
2013 „Mehrblick“ * Videoinstallation *
2012 „Bericht für eine Ankademie” nach Kafka * AdbK.de Jaja "4qm" *
          Video-Performance und Rauminstallation *
          (AdbK Jahresausstellung 2012 Groupexibition Klasse Huber „4qm“)
2011 „Luzi(D)” Live-Performance * Klohäuschen Muc Performance-Nacht´11 *
          Concept, Live-Performance
2010 „Der Traum vom Fliegen” * Inspired by Michael Ende *
          Video-Performance, Conception, Production
2005 1st Experimental-Videoworks

Filmography (Selection):
(http://www.karin-schedlbauer.de/karinio  * Login: Karinio)

2016 „Shineworld“ Shortfilm * Munich *
          FirstSteps Catalogue 2017
          Concept/Director, Production a.o., Leading Actress
          Camera: Andre Schmidtke
2015 „The-Art-is-T´s Love“ Shortfilm * Munich *
          Concept/Director, Production a.o., Leading Actress
          Camera: Chris Hirschhäuser
2013 „Valentines“ Shortfilm * Paris *
          Director, Production, Leading Actress
          Concept in Teamwork with Matteo Gullin/Torsten Krohn
2012-2015 „Mehrsalz“ * Shortfilm * Toscana *
          Director/Script in Teamwork Chris Hirschhäuser, Leading Actress
          Camera: Chris Hirschhäuser
2011 „Pylosoja“ * Shortfilm * Munich *
          Skript/Director/Edit + Female Actress
          (Festival Premiere Kurz & Knapp Kinocup 2011 + Jaja AdbK.de 2011)
2008 „Multiple Joyce“ * Shortmovie 10 Min. * München *
          Skript/Director/Production/a.o. + Leading Actress
          (Premiere Weltraum München 11.09.2009)
2007 „Search“ * Kurzfilm 20 Min. * Munich und Rupolding *
          Director/Skript/Production/Casting and many more
          (Premiere Glockenbachwerkstatt Munich 23.11.2007)

Vita Acting PDF-Download:

Links, Links & more Links * See the connections between art,
art & more art * Discover more: http://www.linktr.ee/karinsmedia

Karin Schedlbauer  

Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München
ab 2010. Klasse Stephan Huber.

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