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Sleeping Seeds
Three Channel installation



Verdunkelung shows a child’s room in a war zone. Found everywhere in the world and dedicated to the artist’s father who left his room behind after fleeing from Soviet grounds in 1945.
Fotos: Tom Garrecht.


Bread and Nuts is based on the Nick Bostrom’s theory that the world, we live in, is an ancestor simulation. If we are all part of a simulation, what does time, life and death mean to us?



Fischseele - Experimental Video Performance


The Portal - Live Video Installation

Connecting the outside world of a desert with the inside world of a tunnel in the exhibition space by using a live video conference.
The first active live video conference between desert and tunnel took place on the 5th of June 2015. The tunnel was located at the Michaelis Galleries in Cape Town, South Africa. The outside station was located in the Karoo desert at position -32.323266;19748498. The visitor could watch the desert live in the tunnel and the desert could watch the inside of the tunnel live on a tube tv.

Surveillance, Live Endurance Performance, Munich 2013

In my selfmade Panopticon 2.0 you can watch me, observe me.
It's a box with four cameras inside, which screen the inside
of the box on the outside monitors. I am inside. For hours.
The box is my selfmade home. Because it doesn�t matter
anymore, if I stay in a surveillance box like this or if I am
outside in the world. Everybody can watch me at every time.
Thank the Internet, thank NSA.

Do Not Disturb, Live Endurance Performance, Munich 2014

A bed in a big wall of beds. My private space. My hideout.
A basic human need: Sleep. How does it affect my body and mind
when I sleep in public? When I change my sleeping rhythm
so I can sleep during day and be wide awake during the night.
Equiped with ear plugs, sleeping pills and sleeping mask I started this
ten day experiment.

Janina Totzauer  

Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München
ab 2012. Klasse Rosefeldt.

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